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About Alabama Trails Magazine

We're passionate about the outdoors.!
Welcome to Alabama "The Beautiful." We are a new travel magazine
that showcases our state's natural resources and outdoor recreation.
We are unique because we focus on the trails in our state such as Bike Trails, 
Paddling Trails, Hiking Trails, Fishing Trails, and trail running.
For more information contact us at 334-828-1098.
As a new mom, I wanted a way for my family to enjoy the outdoors together.
While canoeing in the Tensaw-Mobile Delta the idea for an exclusive travel
magazine specially for Alabama came to me. I wanted a magazine just for my state, where I could take day trip, weekend trips, or week long vacations with my family and enjoy our time together. As we travel around our amazing state, we are excited to learn our history, see our progress, and develop friendships. We are so proud of our state and we hope you enjoy your travels.
Happy Trails to you and yours! - Katie Exum

Alabama Trails Magazine. TM Your Destination.

WARNINGS & DISCLAIMER STATEMENT Alabama Trails Magazine advises readers/users use of the information contained herein of involve risks and dangers and that his/her/their failure to acknowledge their personal judgment and assumption of risks involved in activities listed herein may be dangerous or fatal and/or cause personal harm. Alabama Trails Magazine cannot list every danger or risk involved regarding information contained herein. Alabama Trails Magazine serves this statement as a warning to inform the reader/user as to the potential risks involved and warns readers to use their personal judgment and understand their own personal assumption of risks. Alabama Trails Magazine disclaims any publisher/writer and/or any contributor and the warranties regarding the accuracy or reliability of the content regarding the information contained herein. Alabama Trails Magazine places on notice to the readers and/or users of information contained herein that the publisher will not accept any liability for any injuries and/or damages caused to the reader/user that may result from the reader/user acting upon or using the content contained herein these pages or publication.
The reader/user uses their own personal judgment and personal assumption of risk in determining safety and risks.

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